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What is a PMA?

Your PMA is your Prime Marketing Area, or your exclusive territory – a generally defined zone around your business to which the majority of your sales come from.

Welcome to New PMA Data

Working hand in hand with Australia’s leading provider of property data, analytics and data-enabled services, The Marketing Mix is excited to bring you direct mail marketing like never before.

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We are now able to directly target new home buyers and renters in your PMA via over 660 data sources, updated monthly and compiled into one powerful database. With our internal creative design and mail house facilities, The Marketing Mix will tailor a customised campaign to engage your newest customers.

Being the first to get in front of your newest local residents is a powerful way to introduce your brand into their new lives. Sending exclusive offers to your local market will allow you to increase foot traffic, enquiries and sales to establish long term customer retention.

A new way to reach your local customers

Be The First

The beauty of New PMA data is that you will be the first to welcome newcomers into the neighbourhood. By being on the front foot, you are planting the seed for convenience to outweigh any loyalty to their former dealer or service centre.

Don’t Miss New Leads

Although new locals may eventually find their way to your business on their own, there are never any guarantees. In the case of the automotive industry, they may stick with their former dealership, buy from one of your competitors or service somewhere else. New PMA Data allows you to reach these potential new customers, as soon as they enter your area.

Exclusive Access

You will have exclusive access to new movement data, specific to your PMA every month.
The data we will be working with is real-time, up to date contact information for new home owners and renters in your dealership’s backyard. This data is truly valuable and utterly relevant to your business.

Increase Your PMA Penetration

Both from a manufacturer and stakeholder point of view, dealers need to focus on increasing sales in their own PMA. A local customer is far more likely to purchase again and service with you, simply due to convenience. New PMA Data will become a vital part of your local area marketing strategy.

New Customer Value

Gaining a new customer has far more value than the initial sale of a vehicle. Changing your view on the value of a single customer will often change the outlook you have on each customer toward the growth of your business. Through positive referrals and lifelong return customers, you can quickly turn a $5,000 value into $100,000.

It all starts with a simple 4-step process


Order Data

Personalised data will be ordered and capped at 500 names. Data will be a combination of new home purchases and rentals within your local area.

Design & Print

Our design team will work directly with you to create a campaign that best suits your business

Data Processing and Mail House

Your personalised, data-driven addressed mail campaign will be processed and managed in-house


We’ll deliver through Australia Post providing all postage activity at the completion of each monthly campaign

Average PMA statistics tell the story

*All numbers are estimated averages based on historical National data. Your actual numbers may vary.

Do you know the value of a new customer?

We have made conservative assumptions of Customer Values based on our 20 years’ experience in the industry. Please use the calculator below to determine your own numbers based on your percentage of penetration across each profit centre.

Over a 4-year period the value of a single customer we believe will start from approximately $5,500.

Purchase of new car$1500 profit
Trade in$500 profit
Finance$500 profit
After Market$500 profit
Service$2,500 profit
Total$5,500 per customer
Customer Value - NewPMAdata

New customer buying cycle

Calculate the value of your new customer


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